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digital communication arts

digital communication arts

New York Public Library


    Yianni Stamas and Rodger Taylor facilitate Digital Communication Arts Workshops: Achieve Your Dreams through the New York Public Library. Learn the art of communicating your digital message and promoting your most important product - YOU! And maybe this will even start you on the path of how to become a marketing strategist.

    Justin Tuck of the New York Giants (as seen in the video to the left) was interviewed on camera by teen reporters and short story writers of the New York Public Library’s Lights Camera Read program. Next the video was edited and put online in an internet magazine by these Digital Communication Arts students.

The group project above was created as a part of a Digital Communication Arts workshop. Workshop participants learned how to promote themselves through the digital media arts process of helping Justin Tuck to spread the news about his children’s book “Home Field Advantage” published by Simon and Schuster.

Digital Communication Arts is a powerful tool and whether your goal is to promote a book, start a business, get a job or persuade decision makers, you can use the power of LCRDCA to achieve your goals and get results by participating in a workshop.

Digital Communication Arts consists of a combination of digital media arts and marketing in a hybrid field that can be described as the art of communicating your digital message.

  • This communication process consists of digital media arts aesthetics technologies that work in conjunction with business marketing goal setting strategies to ultimately achieve your desired result.
  • For example if an artist paints a painting and no one sees it, then there is never the chance that he or she will be able to sell his or her creative work. But if this same artist learns how to market him or herself, a successful career is then possible.
  • Are you a digital media artist who wants to find out how to better market yourself to an employer or freelance clients? Or are you a marketing or business major who would enjoy deeper insight into how to use digital media arts to get a job or start a business? Or perhaps you are on the threshold of entering college or the work place and desire to learn how to promote yourself in your chosen vocation?
  • In the Lights Camera Read Digital Communication Arts Workshop at the New York Public Library you will learn to promote yourself using web, video and graphics editing programs in conjunction with creative business and marketing tools and resources.
  • These tools and resources include the Lights Camera Read contest, the popular review site Review Me NYC and the prestigious celebration the Platinum Pias Awards held annually at Robert De Niro's Tribeca Screening Room.
  • The Digital Communication Arts Workshop is open Lights Camera Read teen/young adult reporters and short story writers.
  • The actual group promotion project will be derived from and decided upon through a collaborative process by workshop participants under the guidance of facilitators. These facilitators will guide the group project through three stages consisting of (1) planning, (2) implementing and (3) tracking over a period of several weeks.

Rodger Taylor is the Supervising Librarian of the Teen Central program at the Grand Central Branch of the New York Public Library in Manhattan, a program that serves and is available to the approximately 90 branches throughout NYC in partnership with LCRDCA (Lights Camera Read Digital Communication Arts) contests and workshops. Rodger is also an author, having co-written the critically acclaimed book "Einstein on Racism". His articles on city life, jazz, early African American New York, and the African Burial Ground have been published in local newspapers and magazines, including several in "New York Newsday". He also oversees teens who author content for the New York Public Library blog and website. Rodger received a grant from the Animating Democracy Initiative.

 Yianni Stamas is a consultant with a background in communication and performing arts and is the co-creator of Lights Camera Read, Review Me NYC and the Platinum Pias Awards. He is also the co-founder and co-artistic director of the Magic Neighbors troupe. Plus, as the consulting publisher of the over 70 magazines of the Pias community network he is honored to have collaborated creatively with winners of Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, Tonys and Platinum Pias. Yianni believes that the key to being magic neighbors online and off starts with education.